About company

JSC Maišelis is the largest producer of polyethylene products in western Lithuania. The company is constantly expanding its production activities and capabilities. Currently about 80% of our production is sold abroad.

We have been working in this area for more than 20 years, the company can offer a wide range of HDPE/MDPE/LDPE/CPP packaging:

  • bags with print up to 6 colours;
  • products of two-layer two-colour film;
  • trapezoid (triangular) shape bags (for packing of flowers, vegetables);
  • promotional bags;
  • bags in rolls;
  • bags for wood industry;
  • agricultural purpose bags;
  • bags for tires;
  • medical waste disposal bags “Hazardous Waste”;
  • garbage bags;
  • NEW: mailing bags with adhesive single use closing strip;
  • multi-purpose bags production according to individual customer requirements;
  • biodegradable bags, films;
  • food wrap;
  • films in rolls (bands, sleeves, semi-sleeves);
  • warning band (“STOP”, “Action” etc.).